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Shadows of Truth is a collection of short stories on a variety of thing connected to the supernatural and paranormal.

Ranging from ghost stories to stories about angels and near death experiences, to tales of visitors from other worlds, UFOs, parallel dimensions, space exploration and time capsules on the planet Mars. As well as others.

It is written in a very simple and straightforward style. Anybody with a sense of wonder would enjoy these stories. o


This is collection of articles on spirituality written by Prashant Solomon that have been published in the Speaking Tree of the Times of India along with some blog photos.

The articles include “When Your Earth Visa Expires” which was chosen in the Best of Speaking Tree Volume8.

Topics ranging from meditation, near death experiences, reincarnation, unity of the cosmos, love, astral realms, the difference between being and doing, faith, prayer, divine love, divine oneness, the drama of life, etc.

These articles have been widely read and commented on the Speaking Tree website.


“Is life designed in advance? Are we all part of some elaborately plotted mini-series that runs every waking moment? Does it really matter on e way or the other? We’re on the planet for a reason, we have roles to play, we might as well play them as well as we can. However, that doesn’t prevent me from perennially rooting for the cubs.”

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